Publication on Chinese Medicine and Jungian Psychology

Awakening the Feminine:  Transforming Unconscious Complexes with Chinese Medicine

An Interdisciplinary Analysis of American Culture Through the Lens of Chinese Medicine and Jungian Analytical Psychology

Book description:  AWAKENING THE FEMININE:  TRANSFORMING UNCONSCIOUS COMPLEXES WITH CHINESE MEDICINE encompasses a symbolic exploration and analysis of a collective pattern experienced in American culture.  The pattern is discussed as an Earth deficiency, and as an imbalance between the archetypal Feminine (Yin) and the archetypal Masculine (Yang) at several levels of theory and understanding.  Interwoven throughout the work is a synthesis of the concepts of Chinese medical theory and Jungian Analytical Psychology wherein the author explores how Chinese medicine, a medicine based in archetypal language, can be utilized to support the treatment and transformation of the unconscious complexes discussed in Jungian Analytical Psychology.  Click here to view the Table of Contents.

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