Table of Contents




I. Highlighting a collective pattern

Chapter 1: Archetypes and Complexes

I. Archetypes
II. Archetypal medicine
III. Complexes

Chapter 2: Gu syndrome and Wetiko

I. Gu syndrome and Wetiko
II. Wetiko and the Archetypes of the ego and the Self
III. Wetiko wounds the Feminine Eros archetype via the unconscious relationship with the Masculine Father archetype
IV. Wetiko is perpetuated by an unconscious relationship to any complex

Chapter 3: Understanding the Feminine Wound:  A Pattern of Epidemic Earth Deficiency

I. Archetypal Feminine and Archetypal Masculine
II. The unconscious Masculine disconnects from the Feminine
III. Human behavior is motivated by needs for connection and wholeness

Chapter 4: Treating the Disconnection from the Feminine:  Transforming Unconscious Complexes

I. The Father Daughter Complex
II. Chinese medical analysis of unconscious complexes and their effect in the psyche
III. Treating the unconscious Father Daughter Complex (a synthesis of Jungian theory with Chinese medical physiology
IV. Static and dynamic Feminine and Masculine
V. Analysis of the related Chinese medical physiology
VI. Key aspects of Chinese medical physiology and pathology

Chapter 5: Bringing Patients into Conscious Relationship with the Feminine

I. Treating an imbalance between the Masculine and Feminine by embodying the conscious Feminine



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