About Melanie

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Melanie combines her practice of Classical Chinese Medicine (including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism) with CranioSacral Therapy and gentle bodywork techniques to address the root of pathological patterns. She utilizes Chinese pulse diagnosis to gain insight into the underlying cause of disease.  Her areas of focus include chronic health conditions, mental/emotional well being, women's health, food & environmental sensitivities, and digestive health.

Melanie believes healing from disease occurs through integrating mind, body, and spirit.  She feels symptoms and emotions are symbolic messengers from the innate wisdom within the patient’s being, which is striving towards an inner experience of wholeness.  By honoring the wisdom within the patient’s symptom presentation, Melanie works to shift the pattern of "dis-ease" into one of healing and inner connection.

Connecting to Nature within:

Melanie’s NCNM master's thesis explores the crossover between Jungian Analytical Psychology and Chinese medicine.  Many of the common pathological presentations we see today are often the result of unconscious complexes (mental/emotional patterns) causing symptoms and illness in the physical body.  In her practice, Melanie works with patients to shift these patterns by restoring the harmonious flow of qi and establishing healthy physiological functioning within the body.  Because each of the acupuncture points on the body represent archetypal energies, Chinese medical modalities offer a unique and effective means through which patients can work to come into conscious relationship with the archetypes and complexes discussed in Jungian psychology.

Education and Training:

Melanie is a licensed Acupuncturist and board certified Chinese herbalist. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Massachusetts with a double major in Business Management and Sport Management and a minor in International Relations. She experienced study abroad opportunities in Brisbane, Australia and Coventry, England.  Melanie moved to Portland, OR to pursue her master’s degree in Classical Chinese Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM).  The program is a full-time four year course that encompasses training in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese medical psychology, oriental bodywork therapies, Western biomedicine, nutrition and diet therapy, Tai Ji, and Qigong. 

Melanie has further training in:

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis:
  • Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis course series and mentorship course with Brandt Stickley, LAc
Chinese Medical Psychology:
  • Dr. Leon Hammer’s system of treating psychological conditions with Chinese medicine, exemplified in his book “Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies.” Taught by Brandt Stickley, LAc. 
Classical Chinese Medicine:
  • Shang Han Lun Chinese Herbal seminar series and Jin Gui Yao Lue Chinese Herbal seminar series with Dr. Arnaud Versluys, PhD, LAc through the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM)
  • Classical Chinese Acupuncture seminar series with Dr. Edward Neal, MD, LAc    
Bodywork therapies:
  • Dr. Sheila Murphy, MA, DC mentorship course on bodywork therapies and techniques (ongoing)
  • CranioSacral Therapy Level I & II Courses with the Upledger Institute
  • Visceral Manipulation Level I Course with the Barral Institute

Essential to Melanie’s training as a practitioner are her studies in self cultivation and personal process work:
  • Taiji, martial arts, Daoism, and meditation with Master Pikshan Ko (6 years, ongoing)
  • "Awakening in the Dream" group process work with Paul Levy (2 years, ongoing)
  • Dream Interpretation course and process group with Dr. Deborah Frances, RN, ND (1.5 years)